COVID-19 Info & Worship Recordings

In-person worship services at 9 a.m. Sundays

Members and friends can either worship in person with social distancing and mask requirements or watch the recorded service on our YouTube channel

Church reopened in June 2021

At the Ad Council meeting on May 10, 2021, leaders voted to re-open the church in June. The Crisis Operating Management Team notified the congregation of the Ad Council’s decision on May 14. Please click the following link to read the Church-reopening-letter.

Update on COVID-19 Physical Distancing Precautions
We continue with the same plan to keep our members safe and healthy. The end of our physical distancing is within reach if we all stay safe! Our Crisis Operation Management Team has been meeting to develop a safe plan for re-opening our church so that we can all gather safely once again with June 6 as our possible goal. A survey has been sent to members to gather information. Please return the survey. The information you provide will help guide us in scheduling and planning our reopening. 

August 2020 Decision
Following a unanimous online vote in August 2020 by our Administrative Council, church leaders agreed with our Crisis Operations committee to continue to keep the church building closed until further notice. 

The church will continue Zoom services and recording them for cable viewing. Pastor Mee will check with other congregations for details of their experiences of allowing small groups to meet with physical distancing precautions to see if that is an option to encourage among members. The crisis committee will continue to meet monthly to determine the safety of re-opening our church and bring recommendations to Administrative Council members for their approval.